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From what we understand is that veterinarian clinics and pet food stores are considered 'essential'. This means we can still provide food for cats and dogs.


We face a number of issues especially where human grade meat needs to be sourced. Due to shortages amongst the meat industry, we have enforced a limit no more than 10kg per household per week for formulas that include full Beef or full Kangaroo formulas.

There are no restrictions on Chicken or Duck at this stage. Subject to change at any time.


We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all purchases are made via online to limit the contact when and if you are coming to our showroom which is now only open on Saturdays from

10am - 2pm. This is temporary only for the safety of patrons and K9 Rawsome Associates. Have your purchase sheet ready for us upon entering our showroom and please wear masks before entering our showroom.  We have sanitiser available for your use upon you entering our showroom.  



We cannot guarantee what formulas will be available upon you attending our showroom if you choose not to purchase via online. We are currently selling out of formulas daily

and we are replenishing stock to the best of our ability. 


We are experiencing exactly what you may be experiencing at supermarkets.



1. Can you deliver my frozen items?

Yes, we are delivering all cold/frozen items to Sydney and Wollongong at  flat rates.

Sydney $20 and Wollongong $25. Your items will be delivered with K9 Rawsome associates wearing a mask and gloves. Your items will be left at your front door.  

No Business address deliveries.

2. Do you still have a cut off day and time for orders?

At the moment we suggest that frequent recurrent orders are paid for by Tuesday, no later than 12 noon.  All other orders are best to come through on a Monday so we can prepare ourselves well in advance for the huge demand of orders received weekly.  We will accept any orders, however if you order late towards end of week and we do not have stock, we will notify you immediately.

3. What procedures are you taking for the safety of customers entering your showroom?

We are sanitising all handles, tables and packaging boxes before any customer arrives and after each customer leaves our premises. This includes any contact areas as well, ie:  reception console keypad etc.  We are also wearing masks and gloves and spray disinfecting all floors throughout the warehouse and showroom continuously.

We are keeping customers up to date by means of sharing important news, via Facebook, Instagram and pet owners who have subscribed to our website at www.k9r.org

4. I do not want to pay a shipping fee for pick up, is there a No Fee pick up option?

We do not charge a fee when you choose the Pick Up Option. 

5. I am driving quite far to attend your showroom, do you sell any coolers to keep my pet meals cold for my journey back? 

If you have a cooler, we suggest you bring this with you, otherwise we have a medium cooler insert and an extra large cooler insert available for purchase between 85c-$1.00 each. These will keep your meals cold for up to 5 hours.

6.  I would like a customised meal, is this option still available?

Depending on the formula acquired and what proteins are requested. Because of the current meat shortages, you will need to email us and inform us what you require for your pet/s and we will inform you if we can cater to your requests during this challenging time.  A minimum order for a customised meal is 10 kilos = 1 formula.  You cannot divide the formula:  ie:  6 kilos beef recipe for a dog and 4 kilos cat recipe for a cat.

7. I have a cold but it is not Coronavirus, can I still come to the showroom?

Without Prejudice, unfortunately, we are not allowing any persons experiencing a cold to enter our showroom. 

8. Can I bring my dog to the showroom?

We prefer that no dogs are to be brought to the showroom during this COVID-19 outbreak. We strictly need to limit your stay within the showroom.   We hope this is only temporary. 


9. I have not ordered from K9 Rawsome before.  I really do not want pre-made meals as I create my own meals for my cats and dogs. Can you just sell me proteins and organs, bone and offal?

Off-course we can, we are a one stop shop from complete raw meals, to supplemental feeding meals and we have a huge selection of offal, organs and bone for you to choose from. Head over to our Raw Offal Deli and Bone Page. 

Stay safe everyone and thank you for the continual support throughout this challenging time. We are a small family operated business and we will accommodate you with your pets needs as long as we can.


Please call us on 02 9730 1450 should you need to speak to us.


We are only open direct to the public every Saturday 10am-2pm.

Thursday and Friday by appointment only for pick up of orders.


K9 Rawsome provides the highest quality of food. Our premises and food is inspected by the NSW Food Authority in compliance with all laws and licensing. We have high standards of quality control within all departments. 


Our promise to you is should your pet be dissatisfied with our food, we will help your pet transition to one of our meals that is best suited for your pet.




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02 9730 1450


26a/4 Homepride Ave,

Warwick Farm


Open Direct to the Public

Every weekend

Sat 10am-2pm


Thursday & Friday

By Appointment Only



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