The most scrumptious,

palatable human grade food,

hand made for pets in Australia

Human Grade Ingredients
Human Grade Ingredients

Our hands on processing of meals ensures quality control and non-over processed food that pets find irresistible.

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Complete & Franken Prey Diets
Complete & Franken Prey Diets

Complete meals of AAFCO, FEDIAF, NRC and 80.10.10, K9 Rawsome Australia has extensive knowledge of Pet Nutrition - The Healthy Way!

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All Natural with ZERO Preservatives
All Natural with ZERO Preservatives

K9 Rawsome has a 100% success rate in curing dogs skin allergies and minor health conditions that veterinarians could not treat.

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Bones Species Appropriate
Bones Species Appropriate

Dental care and mental stimulation is important. It's part of a balanced diet providing optimal nutrition. We have a whole selection of bones and organs.

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Helping our Aussie Farmers

Australian sourced ingredients. Our canine nutrition scientists have worked closely with the founder of

K9 Rawsome who is  Certified in Canine Nutrition. 

Choosing Australian ingredients puts high standards of safety first and helps our Aussie Farmers.  Choosing Human Grade Aussie meats and poultry is making a conscious decision in products being free of disease, chemical and biological contaminants.

This dedication for pet nutrition research since 2009 has brought forward a trend setting accomplishment in providing food for pets like no other. It's REAL FOOD for pets and changing the lives of thousands of Australian pets.  Completed meals with vegetables is known as BARF.  Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

We deliver raw dog food and raw cat food and pet treats direct to your door. No Contact.


Currently delivering Australia Wide.


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  • NOW Minced

  • Known as the superfood for pets, green tripe is naturally high in digestive enzymes and it keeps a pets digestive system strong & healthy. 

  • Green tripe is the untreated contents of a grazing animal's stomach or intestines. 

  • Highly nutritious

  • Containing plenty of enzymes

  • Good bacteria, and nutrients that are excellent for your pet's health. It's also a very natural part of both dogs and cats' ancestral diets

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Crocodile Minced

Crocodile is a novel protein and super beneficial for pets that have skin allergies and suitable for pancreatitis. Crocodile is a rich source of protein, making it great for building muscle.


100g of raw croc contains 22.5g of protein, which is even more protein than chicken breast.


Crocodile is one of the healthiest meat for dogs due to its rich vitamin and mineral content, lean meat that is full of protein, and low in cholesterol.



Biologically Beef Paleo  

Adult Dogs

Grass Fed & Wagyu Beef

 Zero Preservatives 

- No Corn

- No Gluten 


Biologically Beef is a Single Meat protein formula ideal for boosting the immune system and helping fight off diseases and bacteria. Promotes the increase of antibodies and white body cells. Helps your pets digestive system, absorbing all the wonderful nutrients this formula provides. 

  1. Can help to prevent and ease allergy symptoms.

  2. May help reduce the rate of cancer. 


Acts as a detoxifier and ideal for pets that suffer seasonal allergies.


  • No Preservatives

  • No Gluten

  • No Artificial Flavours of Colourings

  • 100% Human Grade Beef Mince

  • Raw Beef Green Tripe (Not Bleached, 100% Natural)

  • No Pet Mince

  • 100% Australian Produce


BEEF - Our suppliers food safety system is built on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), providing excellence in hygiene and processing products on behalf of K9 Rawsome, their client,  to our customers. Our  quality beef allows customers to make educated decisions about the quality and providence of meat in formulas they are buying and pets consuming.


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K9 Rawsome provides the highest quality of food. Our premises and food is inspected by the NSW Food Authority in compliance with all laws and licensing. We have high standards of quality control within all departments. 


Our promise to you is should your pet be dissatisfied with our food, we will help your pet transition to one of our meals that is best suited for your pet.



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