K9 Rawsome creates fresh meals for canines and felines.


K9 Rawsome has flexibility in providing pet owners a broad range of feline and canine diets/meals available including


FRANKEN PREY 80.10.10 diets. K9 Rawsome upholds a vast selection of quality single proteins,

bones and offal which also assists BARF and PMR enthusiasts.

 We provide Human Grade ingredients with ZERO Preservatives incorporating Australian Produce which helps our Australian farmers.

Meals are hand crafted with love including our scrumptious range of treats for both cats and dogs.

Some complete formulas have fruit added because fruit and its entity contains vitamins and antioxidants 

which also offer a diversity to the canine diet. 

how k9 rawsome

came about

I took my puppy to the vet in 2009 for his first vaccination.  During our consultation diet was never raised, nor was I educated in any way to know what kibble I should purchase or what I should be feeding.

This was learnt through trial and error and the first kibble purchased was

Advance Puppy Growth.

This was a good visual product, and I liked the word Growth on the kibble bag.


However, my puppy developed a severe skin allergy and a steroid injection was advised by my veterinarian and no results were seen.


I started researching raw food benefits which I was advised by my vet not to feed raw.  No medical treatment helped so I turned to raw feeding, after all dogs ate raw food before man invented kibble.


Very quickly with promising results, my puppies skin allergy healed completely, never to arise again. Today 2020, he is 11 years old. He is Fit and Healthy with no presenting health issues at all.

"There is a Difference Between Thriving and Surviving", 

Connie - CEO, Director and Founder


We have cured  various dogs of different breeds from skin allergies and other minor health conditions and reproduction disorders. 


We questioned as to why we could cure these pets where veterinarians had no success?  Quite simply it is from our

dedicated research since 2009, time and money spent embarking on our experience in understanding  and evaluating researching in depth with trials undertaken -

'what food  is good for pets and their well-being?' 


Our success is by proof of results and we have even cured pets physically with one on one consultation after our customers had no success with their veterinarians and  via the internet with our recommendation and advice.


The success in the following countries include - 


United Kingdom - Canine Illness

Amsterdam - Canine Illness

Australia - Vast Canine health conditions

United States of America (Female Reproduction)




It is our ethos in ensuring that we have quality control in place, with production, protocol and fresh food. which

is hand made and not over processed. Our customers receive a first class service and we provide the best quality human grade food in the

Australian Pet Industry, sharing ongoing pet nutritional knowledge to our customers 

with a friendly customer service reflecting our 5 Star Recommendations .


As the Founder and Director of K9 Rawsome Australia,

I am at the forefront of the business infrastructure on a day to day basis, a hands on dedicated passionate pet lover

overseeing the entire process of preparation of meals, packing and dispatch.

K9 Rawsome is  family operated and Australian Owned,
your calls will usually be answered by myself 

being the first point of contact in ensuring you are

given the right advice.

We are Licensed with NSW FOOD AUTHORITY

We strongly suggest when choosing raw food for your pet, that your preferred raw food company or 

hobbyist is Licensed.

Connie - CEO, Founder and Director

Certified in Canine Nutrition - Level 3

Higher Distinction


Old Books


There needs to be more awareness surrounding nutrition for pets and for

pet owners to ask Veterinarians more questions in relation to

dry food (kibble) and raw food for pets. Some veterinarians may claim that raw food is bad for your pet but they will recommend your dog a POTATO BISCUIT (usually a NON Australian brand) 

to be fed on a daily basis with the assumption it is good for your beloved pet!

Some pets may not be suitable for a complete raw diet, but

antibiotics and steroid injections are not always the answer and at most times only merely a band aid solution.

If dry food is always recommended by veterinarians, then why are so many pets sick?