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K9 Rawsome creates fresh meals for all breeds and sizes including feline meals, customisation and pre-made.


Made with the highest quality,  human-edible proteins, K9 Rawsome meals are a nutritionally superior, a better choice over dry kibble or canned wet food brands. When feeding raw,  you will be able to serve less volume of food per day than a diet based on processed pet foods may require — a biologically appropriate raw food diet allows for better digestion and assimilation of nutrients than a traditional processed pet food diet.

K9 Rawsome meals are appropriate for dogs and cats of all life stages. All our pre-made meals are found on our raw page and for the DIY BARF enthusiasts please go to our offal/organ deli page.


Since adopting our first K9 friend in 2009 we have researched BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) and trialed almost every kibble in Australia over the years. By trialling, we literally chewed kibble for taste, felt for texture, smell, soaked kibble, blended kibble (keep in mind we had no interest in brands from Supermarkets or cheap brands from Pet Stores).


We follow the 80 -10 - 5- 5  (customised meals and or as noted)

80% meat

10% bone and

5%   organ

5%   liver 

Where fruit and vegetables are  added, our percentages change (customised meals and or as noted) Through our research we have found the below % of formulations have helped cure skin issues and minor health problems.


70% meat

10% bone 

5% liver

5% other offal

7% vegetables

3% fruit


There are hundreds of opinions on how to correctly’ feed a dog a raw diet and many who feel that fruit should not be added to meals. We sometimes add fruit because fruit and its entity contains vitamins and antioxidants which also offer a diversity to the K9 diet.  When you come across websites likes this, is because the individual had a life experience with their pet which led them to where they are today. 


 We sympathise and we are not prejudice against kibble feeders. We can assist you with kibble advice for specific breed, transition to raw, diversity of raw and kibble if this is your choice. Trying a diversity diet is better than not trying at all!


I would like to share with you the beginning of my raw food adventure and its true benefits...

When we took our puppy to the vet for his first vaccination sometime in 2009,  during our consultation diet was never raised, nor was I or my partner educated in any way to know what kibble we should purchase or what raw food we should give. This was learnt through trial and error and our first kibble purchased was Advance Puppy Growth. A good visual product, and we liked the word Growth on the kibble bag.


I thought I had it down packed because the brand Advance is not a cheap brand. Shortly after our pooch started scratching and the allergy was so severe to the point that he looked liked he had second degree burns. He was taken to the vet and he was given a steroid injection, and I didn't even question it, why would I,  I was not a qualified vet!  Diet was not discussed  at this consultation either. 

I went home and googled, can I give my puppy Raw Food? And there it was, Raw and its BENEFITS!

If diet was discussed with my veterinarian, would I have been told to use SCIENCE DIET? 

This brand may state Premium Protein but when you read the first 5 ingredients you will read:

x Potatoes  (The first ingredient makes up for most of the kibble production, potato however is a cheap filler)

x Potato Starch  ( found in potatoes that are a product of the potato plant) 

+ Venison  (great but third listed)

x Potato Protein  (potato again)

x Pork Fat  

Some veterinarians may claim that raw food is bad for your K9 but may recommend your dog a POTATO BISCUIT to be fed on a daily basis with the assumption it is good for your beloved pet! Are you and I on the same page yet?

I am happy to say after 2-3 months on raw feeding our buddy, our K9 friend Zeus said goodbye to allergies and he has been a healthy canine ever since.   Our beautiful K9 friend will be  turning 11 years old on

30 April, 2020  and presenting no health issues at all.


Our aim was one day to learn from our experience, create, educate and share our knowledge and here we are today. We are a team of passionate people who love animals and we want cats and dogs to thrive, not just survive, because there is a difference.

We have cured  various dogs of different breeds from skin allergies and other health conditions.  We questioned as to why we could cure these pets where veterinarians had no success. Quite simply it is from our dedicated research over 10 years, time and money spent embarking on our experience in understanding , 'what really is good for pets and their well-being?' 


Our success is by proof of results and we have even cured pets over the internet with our recommendations and advice, in Australia and Internationally. 


If you purchase your meals from K9 Rawsome, we cater for every breed and age, healthy or not. 

We associate with real people on a daily basis, real pet owners and their pets. Jump onto our Facebook page and share our page with a friend or two. We are highly recommended in Australia.

We understand that some pet owners cannot afford a complete raw diet and we too can assist you with recommending the appropriate kibble for your breed/age and tailor make a meal plan that will be beneficial to your dogs health. ​


There really needs to be more awareness and for pet owners to ask Veterinarians more questions about kibbles and raw food. Antibiotics and steroid injections are not always the answer but sometimes just a band aid solution.

Our success has been based on our knowledge and meal creations. Where we can, we source organic produce and help our Aussie farmers and we even grow our own seasonal organic produce, this is where we excel above the rest. It takes a lot of dedication in growing produce and sourcing the best produce.


It is our ethos to make sure we have quality control. All other veggies are sourced usually from local markets helping our Aussie Farmers, with all meals produced in Australia.


Kind Regards

Connie - Founder and Director

Certified in Canine Nutrition - Level 3

Higher Distinction


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Do you provide International delivery?

We only provide International deliveries on our accessories.

How do I return an item?

Please post back to

PO Box 610, Moorebank NSW 2170


What is your returns policy?

No Refunds or Returns on Perishables.

Items must be returned within 7 days of purchase. If we have no longer the same item in stock in a different size, you can either receive a store Gift Voucher or  exchange for other items. 

Are Gift Vouchers Transferable?

No, unfortunately we cannot transfer vouchers. They are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


How much notice do I need to give for customised meals?


We require 3 days notice.


What are your delivery options?

Where K9 Rawsome couriers cannot deliver your food, Third party couriers will deliver your perishable (frozen) items.

Non frozen  food and supplements will be delivered by Australia post.

Accessories are delivered by Australia Post.

When will I receive my frozen Pre-Made Meals?

Within 3-5 days pending non business days and availability.

Have any questions or concerns? 

We’re always available to help!



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K9 Rawsome provides the highest quality of food. Our premises and food is inspected by the NSW Food Authority in compliance with all laws and licensing. We have high standards of quality control within all departments. 


Our promise to you is should your pet be dissatisfied with our food, we will help your pet transition to one of our meals that is best suited for your pet.




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