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Multi-PLEX Health   

5 -IN -1

NO Seeds                        >Skin Care & Coat

NO Grains                      >Anti-Itching

NO Flavours                   >Joint 

NO Fillers                       >Digestion Enhancement

NO By-Products            >Inflammation

NO Synthetics                >Total Gut Health





What is Origins 5 in 1 WHOLE FOOD Supplement?

It is a whole food supplement for ALL LIFE STAGES that adds real nutrition while providing total gut health to improve overall canine health. This is done by focusing on the true pet health from a species specific diet mindset. Ideal for kibble feeders and raw feeders. 

Origins was designed over 5 years by Founder and Scientist, Nate Dewsbury to fix the nutritional gap left by extruded DRY pet foods. Origins is the MOST ADVANCED all-in-one supplement allowing pets to move past the surviving to start thriving. 

Backed by Science

> 1/4 cup of supplement effectively replaces 1/2 cup of kibble

> less food is needed with origins to achieve ideal body condition

> ideal for raw feeders as it is a winning combination. No need to add any other oils or supplements as Origins has it all

> one meal supplement as a 'Whole Food' supplement, no extras required

Have you ever said to yourself, 'my dog is skinny, it doesn't matter how much I feed and feed, my dog just doesn't put weight on' or have you said, 'my dog is overweight and I have cut down on quantity of feeding and my dog still does not lose weight'.  

> Well, Origins has the ability to correct bio markers and fix the above health issues

> Origins is a single quality premier product without the need to supplement with a dozen products to improve health

What is in Origins?

PROTEIN - 100% protein is sourced from Wild Caught Menhaden Fish. This is not farm raised and it is ORGANIC! The fish eat a natural diet of Krill and Plankton giving this product an amazing amino profile with the HIGHEST FATTY ACIDS that are naturally occurring. Literally the ENTIRE fish!

  + 17 grams of whole wild fish protein 

  + 20 amino acids

  + 15 minerals

  + 10 vitamins


Not Chemically Treated

Not Artificially Changed

  +2.9grams of wild fish oil

  +755mg Omega 3 (EPA, DHA, DPA)

  +30 Naturally occurring fatty acids


5 years of testing Origins to ensure correct ratios and components that actually work within 14 days

  +Digestive Enzymes




  +Buytric Acid

NOTE> K9 Rawsome Australia has trialled and tested this product as well and has found the product to be accurate in its entire. Within 14 days a difference was noticed trialled and tested on a 9 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


Fixing the issues of poor gut microbe density and repair the damage our modern world inflicts to eliminate factors that encourages bad gut environment and start using precision nutrition based actions that include pre-biotic support with proven probiotics to allow them to work their magic as intended.

Whilst K9 Rawsome has had 100% success in curing skin allergies and health issues, we cannot transport our frozen food to some states in Australia and we needed to accommodate many pet owners who struggle on a daily basis in trying to help their pets. There is no need to spend $$$$  in unnecessary vet bills. The reason why we have 100% success rate is because we understand the difference to Thriving and not just Surviving - Our 9 years of research and knowledge is changing the lives of dogs in Australia and Internationally.


Rogue Origins is  also helping breeders with their studs and bitches in relation to fertility. Rogue Origins will help correct the bio markers so even if your dog does not have a visual health issue, it will certainly help, this product is in its entire source and NOT DILUTED.  The feedback already has been phenomenal worldwide.

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