Turkey Neck - Ground Bone Minced

Turkey Neck - Ground Bone Minced

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Ground turkey neck minced offers natural sources of minerals including potassium, niacin and selenium.  Pet owners choice when creating their own Barf.


45% bone

55% meat


Turkey is one of the most popular protein sources in a raw diet and there are good reasons for it. Turkey is an affordable option for protein rotation and it is a good option for many pets that suffer from food related allergies. Pets that have developed allergies from constant exposure to the same protein source often do well with turkey as it has yet to become popular in the kibble industry.

People feel the effects of Tryptophan after a turkey dinner and the same animo acid can help to relax our pets as well. Your dog’s health will also benefit from the excellent levels of B Vitamins, including B3, B6, and B12.


How to Thaw

Leave in refrigerator overnight, mix into your DIY BARF meals.



K9 Rawsome provides the highest quality of food. Our premises and food is inspected by the NSW Food Authority in compliance with all laws and licensing. We have high standards of quality control within all departments. 


Our promise to you is should your pet be dissatisfied with our food, we will help your pet transition to one of our meals that is best suited for your pet.




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