(FP3) Turkey and Beef Rump - 80.10.10

(FP3) Turkey and Beef Rump - 80.10.10

All Ingredients are human grade with Zero Preservatives and includes ground duck frame


Formulation: Minced in 250g tub and 1kg flat pouch

Suitable for cats and dogs as evolutionary fed 80.10.10 Franken Prey Diet


80% Muscle Meat / 10% Bone / 10% Organ


Turkey 50%

Beef Rump (premium) 20%

Ground Duck Frame 10%

Pork Heart 10%

Lamb Liver 5%

Beef Kidney 5%




Protein 19.67%, Fat 7.5%, Moisture 71.91%, Ash 1.2%


Formulated to feed as Complete Evolutionary Diet of 80.10.10 Franken Prey and also allow pet owners to  further add any supplements and or vegetables if required.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) -  (N) Neutral Food Energetics 

TCM is a properly-balanced diet which keeps your dog’s body healthy, and if need be, helps bring back health and harmony when he’s challenged with illness and disease.






    Franken Prey Turkey