Crocodile Flesh 500g (boneless)

Crocodile Flesh 500g (boneless)


Crocodile is a novel protein and super beneficial for dogs that have skin allergies and suitable for pancreatitis. Crocodile is a rich source of protein, making it great for building muscle. 100g of raw croc contains 22.5g of protein, which is even more protein than chicken breast.


Low in fat

Crocodile meat contains just 1.6% fat, less than even the leanest cut of beef. Its low-fat content makes crocodile meat an attractive option for pets following low-calorie diets 


Rich in Omega-3

Crocodile is packed full of ‘good’ fat Omega-3s, which can lower the risk of heart disease


Good for your heart

Croc meat is extremely low in cholesterol


Full of flavour

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