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Human Grade Liver from Inghams. As part of a balanced whole food diet for dogs. It contains high amounts of protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, trace minerals. 



Chicken is one ingredient that is commonly found in cat food and contains Vitamin B, Vitamin A, iron, zinc, copper, niacin, phosphorus, etc. The chicken liver is an amazing source of omega 3 and six fatty acids and is perfectly safe for your cat to consume. In fact, chicken liver is beneficial for your furry friend’s vision and can help if your kitty suffers from blood or essence deficiency.


However, there’s one thing that you should keep in mind. The liver is rich in nutrients and can cause loose stools if you feed too much of it to your cat.


Sold in a 2kg sealed pouch


How to Thaw

Leave in refrigerator overnight, use next morning.