Bone Broth - Chicken & Salmon (not sold separately)


The chicken and salmon bone broth will be added to your customised prepared meal .

We do not post Bone Broth on its own.


Example: You order 10 kilos of Customised Meals. Then order Bone Broth.


  • Bone broth promotes a healthy digestive system.
  • It’s going to be great for your dogs joints because it contains gelatin, which is a form of collagen, as well as glucosamine, chondroitin, and other nutrients that support joint health.
  • It acts as a liver detox, so if you feed your dogs kibble (no judgment, we all do the best we can), this is an affordable way to give your dog something better.  Plus in this chemically laden world, our dogs can use a liver detox here and there.
  • And bone broth is great for sick dogs because it provides them nutrition when they’re not eating.
  • great for fussy eaters, they love bone broth


Choose your formula and add bone broth $10 per customised formula. 


K9 Rawsome provides the highest quality of food. Our premises and food is inspected by the NSW Food Authority in compliance with all laws and licensing. We have high standards of quality control within all departments. 


Our promise to you is should your pet be dissatisfied with our food, we will help your pet transition to one of our meals that is best suited for your pet.




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